NOTICE OF Board of directors’ special meetings


Holiday Out at St. Lucie

A Condominium

10725 S. Ocean Drive

Jensen Beach, Florida 34957

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NOTICE is hereby given that the Holiday Out @ St. Lucie, A Condominium, Board of Directors is to hold a Special Meeting for the purpose of appointing a new Director to the Holiday Out Board due to a Director resignation.

Upon adjournment of the Special Meeting, an organizational meeting of the Board of Directors will be held. No other business will be heard at this organizational meeting.

DATE:  Friday, May 22, 2020


PLACE: via Conference Call


(a) Appointment of Director to fill in for the resigned Director

(b) Organizational Meeting


_______________________________________ Dated: May 19, 2020

Laurie MacDougall

Secretary, Board of Directors




NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of the members of Holiday Out at St. Lucie, A Condominium, that was to be held at the date, hour and place noted below is to be cancelled and postponed with a new date to be made known soon:


DATE: Thursday, May 14, 2020             

HOUR: 10:00 AM EST

PLACE: Holiday Out Upper Recreation Hall,

   10820 S. Ocean Drive,

   Jensen Beach, Florida 34957


Arrangements are being pursued by the Board of Directors to enable greater owner membership participation and still comply with all appropriate Covid -19 safety guidelines.

David Moore

Manager – Holiday Out at St. Lucie


                                                              BEACH ACCESS NOTICE

The Holiday Out beach is now “conditionally” open. Please review all notes below:

  1. The south side walkway is to be the only access point.
  2. The tunnel will remain closed as it still is viewed to be a significant “transfer” means.
  3. Parking is being restricted to the south portion of the parking lot.
  4. All rec hall amenities will remain closed including the use of all bathrooms & BBQ patio area.
  5. It should go without saying all beachgoers practice safe social distancing & limit group size.
  6. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is not only be appreciated but expected.

General Comments

This beach access opening should not be construed as an all-clear with respect to the Covid – 19 virus. However, the experience gained to date by various government entities have many believing it can be safe for a “community” to begin “opening up”.

It is the opinion of your property manager that providing access to the beach in the manner noted above is one such step for the Holiday Out community.

For those residents who have immune systems believed compromised or who just have hesitation in general about participating in greater personal engagement, they should look to practice whatever degree of “self-quarantine” they feel comfortable with.

Overall community safety is a shared responsibility. Both those that see fit to visit the beach and those that may want to continue to self-quarantine must show respect to the other.

As has been the case since this virus experience began, all information and data regarding not only the virus itself but how different organizations and communities may be approaching dealing with it will be sought out and evaluated for its relevance to Holiday Out.

Going forward should circumstances warrant, the beach access could be rescinded. The appropriate behavior of all residents will always be a large factor in influencing any future decisions for the park on this matter.


I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Enjoy the sun……………….




This bulletin is to provide some clarification regarding the Florida Governor’s Executive Order #2020-87 regarding vacation rentals. I have attached the Executive Order for your review in full. Based on this Emergency Order, effective immediately, the Holiday Out office will not be accepting any short term rentals until the Executive Order is rescinded. Please direct any questions to the manager.

Click here to view the Florida Governor’s order.

IMPORTANT NOTICE -March 30, 2020

Governments at all levels have made it a best practice to continue to re-evaluate any precautionary measures they have implemented regarding the containment of the Covid – 19 Virus due to changing circumstances. The Holiday Out Board is not alone in finding themselves pursuing the same approach in order to better ensure the safety of the park.  John Maynard Keynes, the renowned economist, was credited with saying the following when challenged for altering his position on some economic issue. “When my information changes, I change my mind. What do you do?”

Where to start, where to start. Let’s begin with the Florida Governor’s executive orders:

(3/09/20) #2020-52: Covid – 19 Public Health Emergency
(3/23/20) #2020-80: Covid – 19 Airport Screening and Isolation
(3/24/20) #2020-82: Covid – 19 Isolation of Individuals Traveling to Florida
(3/24/20) #2020-83: Covid – 19 Protective Measures for Vulnerable Populations, Gatherings of Private Citizens
(3/26/20) #2020-85: Covid – 19 Telehealth and Immunizations for State Group Insurance
(3/27/20) #2020-86: Covid – 19 Additional Requirements of Certain Individuals Traveling to Florida
(3/27/20) #2020-87: Covid – 19 Vacation Rental Closures

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), which is the governing body for Condominium Associations, on 3/27/20 issued their own Emergency Order 2020-4 concerning the Covid – 19 Virus.

This order states with clarity that the “emergency powers” afforded to Boards of Directors as outlined in Florida Statutes 718, 719 and 720 apply to the coronavirus pandemic. All actions taken by a Board concerning the coronavirus are justified with this Emergency Order.

The recent closure of all Holiday Out “common elements” is an appropriate precaution to take for the Holiday Out residents under the changing circumstances. One of the key benefits of doing so is that the number of “touch points” where a virus may be hosted and thus “transferred” to others can be significantly reduced. (bathroom surfaces, chair/tabletop surfaces at the Rec patio, tunnel handrails, etc.) The potential spread of the virus within the park would only be exacerbated if visitors, who could be from any place else in the country (hot spots?), also had access to such amenities and thus a potential contaminate source themselves. Also, of great concern is the recent development of a potential Covid – 19 case within the park itself. No confirmation of this has been made known to the Board at this time, however, it would not be surprising and there could be others as well who may be positive but not showing any symptoms or only mild symptoms. All are significant reasons for the precautions implemented. Greater protection is afforded to each and all of us.

By now all should be familiar with the CDC guidelines that make clear the “social space” between individuals recommended, the importance of limiting the number of individuals (10) gathered together, to wash hands frequently and to avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth with your hands. The Board would like to take this opportunity to reiterate behavior practices based on the CDC guidelines that all Holiday Out residents should be conscious of the following:

1. The Governor’s executive order #2020-83 states individuals 65 years & older or that have underlying health conditions should “stay home”
2. Limit the number of individuals that may be congregated.
3. The Holiday Out sewer system is not a new one so do not dispose of wipes or paper towels by flushing them.
4. Remember the bathhouses have been locked down to eliminate a significant “transfer” source. Holiday Out cannot maintain them as sanitary and it was deemed unreasonable to expose the cleaning staff to the potential virus by keeping them open.
5. The office is presently staffed but closed to visitors except under the most special circumstances. Call me.

The last executive order issued by the Florida Governor was regarding Vacation Rental Closures. The order enacts a statewide ban on vacation rentals. The obvious intent is to prevent individuals fleeing out of state “shelter in place” domiciles from becoming Florida neighbors. The Board views this ban as being the owner’s responsibility to heed regarding their decision to rent their unit until such time the ban is lifted.

Lastly, I have heard from both Venture III and Windmill Village as to Holiday Out residents trespassing on their property in order to get to the beach. They were not happy with this situation. Their facilities are not Holiday Outs and should not be used by a Holiday Out resident unless as an invited guest. The Venture III & Windmill Village Boards have made their Covid – 19 related decisions regarding their amenities for their membership and the Holiday Out Board made yours. Each Board acted in a fashion consistent with how they assessed the Covid – 19 risks to their respective communities. Please understand this and respect their property.

In closing, this too will pass. In the meantime, I would encourage all to do what is right to not only provide protection for oneself but by doing so for your neighbors as well. This increases the likelihood of all staying healthy and being able to ultimately enjoy your little slice of paradise when things get back to normal.

Stay safe,

IMPORTANT NOTICE -March 28, 2020

Under the Authority of the NEW EMERGENCY ORDER 2020-4 by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations, effective immediately, ALL Holiday Out Common Elements are Shut Down until further notice!

The entire recreation area, Beach, Bath houses, Tunnel Access, and access to the Parking lot are shutdown.

Due to the Corona-19 Virus Outbreak your Board of Directors is taking this extreme precaution to protect all H.O. Residents as much as possible.
Your co-operation and understanding during this crisis are greatly appreciated.


Holiday out Board of Directors and Management.