About Us

At Holiday Out, we pride ourselves on keeping our residents informed and connected through events and activities. We are proud of our community engagement, and through our website, we plan to keep everyone informed about area happenings, maintenance, security, events, and more.

Board of Directors

Paul Spear – President

Dennis Traynor – Vice-President & Chair of Legal and Rules

Mike Kemp -Treasurer & Chair of Finance

Dana Mullen – Secretary

Dick McCann – Chair of Recreation

Joshua Watson – Director at Large

Douglas Drysdale – Chair of Building and Grounds

The BOD can be reached by email at: bod@holidayout.org


David Moore (Manager) –  manager@holidayout.org

Lisa Bonura (Reception-Front Desk) – lisa@holidayout.org  

Elaine Munson (Back Office) – Elaine@holidayout.org