The website has been migrated to the new platform.  The public website,, is now running as a WordPress site which will have very little information available for owners to view.  This public site only shows general information about Holiday Out and will not show Newletters, Bulletins, Out and About at Holiday Out (weekly reports), Event Calendars or HO Documents.

It is essential that if residents wish to see and continue to view all the information that they REGISTER as a resident.

All current owners were sent an INVITATION to Join the Holiday Out at St. Lucie Portal:

All Owners with an E-mail were sent an invitation to their specific e-mail of record.  Once you click the button in the invite, you will receive instructions to establish your user name, and will be given a temporary password. You will be able to change the password but please maintain a record (hardcopy) of the password, which for security reasons, is not available to anyone else including management. Once you have signed on you will be able to view the Word Press website and then enter the PORTAL by the Resident log-on buttons, at the Top Right hand of the page.  This will show your E-mail address, and your password, and you should check the box below to save this information which will automatically sign you in each time you visit the site.

The PORTAL will have all the information available to view such as your personal profile, account status, Newsletters, Bulletins, Event Calendar, Owners Directory, and all HO Documents.  This information will not be available to view unless you have successfully registered as it is not on the Public WordPress site.

ANOTHER CRITICAL thing to remember at the initial sign-on!  You will be asked to OPT IN or OPT out with regards to receiving E-mails, Text messages, Newsletters etc.  We strongly recommend that you OPT IN to take advantage of what this new site will offer.  If you DO NOT opt in, you will not receive any e-mails that were previously sent by David Moore such as the Weekly Out and About at Holiday Out updates. If you register you will be able to view all the information on the PORTAL including the bulletins, but you will not receive E-mails unless you opt in.

ALL Owners without an E-mail will be mailed a Printed letter providing them with an E-mail address, and a temporary password.  If you decide to register you will have access to the PORTAL but if not you will only see the General Public WordPress site.


If anyone has issues logging on I recommend that you contact Mike Kemp at 772-631-3859 or e-mail: for assistance.

We will be planning training sessions to provide on-site assistance at the Upper Rec Hall as follows:

For All residents at Holiday Out                          MONDAY -July 15th -1:00 to 3:00 p.m.    -come and view and ask questions

For All residents during Season                           We will establish training sessions as needed during the Season

All questions should be forwarded to Mike Kemp!